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We are your specialist in

  • plastics injection moulding
  • rubber injection moulding
  • design and automatic assembly of mechanical parts
  • injection moulds
  • automatic assembling


Plaspaq SA has been active in plastic injection moulding for over 50 years. This long experience has enabled us to gain significant know-how while constantly evolving with new market needs.

As a specialist in plastic materials (PS, PE, PP, POM, etc.) and in elastomers (NBR, HNBR, FKM, etc…) Plaspaq SA supplies various industry branches (food, cosmetics, perfumery, pharma, chemistry, medical, watch industry, robotics, mechanics, leather, etc.).

In 2008, significant investments have been made in our areas of "development" and "mechanical workshop" to meet the increasingly sophisticated industry requirements.

In addition, a new rubber moulding production unit was created in partnership with Mestel RSS in S. Olcese (Italy) to meet the needs of a growing market.